Polyfaces wins Festival Spirit Award at Weyauwega Film Festival

We’re so proud to have one our 2nd award, this time the ‘Festival Spirit Award‘ at the Weyauwega International Film Festival in Wisconsin, USA.

Following is the award statement by Kathy Fehl, Artistic Director of Wega Arts and Festival Juror:

“…This addresses a crisis situation in the United States. The problem is not new, but the window for a constructive solution is narrowing. Family farms are being consumed by big agricultural companies. The effect not only robs us of a nostalgic vision of barns and roaming cows; the food produced on huge farms does not contain the nutrients we all need and the soil is being plundered and rendered increasingly…dead.

Many people across the world have accepted the truism that with an increasing population it is necessary to have factory farms and GMO. Intuitively, this idea is latched onto as a pragmatic fact that only hippy dippy folk deny. In fact, the counter intuitive, the opposite, can be substantiated. Small farms managed with the goal of a symbiotic relationship between food, soil, labor and people is better for the economies of communities and nations, for the health of people, and for the dignity of those who work for a living. The term used to describe these farms is ‘sustainable’.

Polyfaces, the movie, by detailing the history and the daily life of just such a farm, communicates to the public the advantages and the viability of sustainable farming. The importance of building a movement that will convince families sick of life in cities, families tired of eating processed or depleted food, that they can build a life on a relatively small amount of acreage is huge.

Dan Solberg and his family, who are depicted as interns at Polyface, now farm near Princeton, Wisconsin. They attended the screening at the Weyauwega International Film Festival. They spoke eloquently of the way of life they are pursuing, despite its many challenges.

We were moved and inspired by Polyfaces, and want to see the message out. Wisconsin has a farming heritage and it would be great to see the intelligent, earth and people friendly methods employed at Polyface become the standard here. Therefore, filled with a sense of possibility, we awarded the film the Festival Spirit Award…”

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