Author of ‘One-Straw Revolutionary’, Larry Korn, commends ‘Polyfaces’

Larry Korn, Translator of Masanobu Fukuoka’s “The One-Straw Revolution”, and author of “One-Straw

Revolutionary: The Philosophy and Work of Masanobu Fukuoka”, was kind enough to provide “…a short testimonial for your wonderful and beautifully produced film, Polyfaces…” saying that,  “…I loved it…”

“…Polyface Farm, Joel and Lucille Salatin’s farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, is

an outstanding demonstration of a way of living and a way of farming in which both

people and nature benefit. It is more than simply sustainable; despite intensive

agricultural use, diversity and soil fertile actually increase with each passing year. This is

accomplished by avoiding tillage and the use of agricultural chemicals, using mixed

species pastures, regularly rotating the animals from one pasture to another, and raising

plant crops and animals together.

The inspiring and beautifully produced film, ‘Polyfaces’, describes this unique farm

including the community of young interns who come to work there each year. It even

follows several of them after they leave their training to start farms of their own. I think it

would be great if every teenager could see this film and then decide for themselves

whether or not to give diversified, small-scale farming a try…”

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