Leading Author & Writer Hilary McNevin review’s Polyfaces!


Hilary McNevin is a renowned Melbourne-based Author, Writer, Facilitator and Sustainability Advocate.

This week she was kind enough to review the Polyfaces film and this is what she had to say:

“Regeneration and sustainability are far from merely buzzwords and you’ll see why in this joyful film that puts both words into action. 

Polyfaces – the farm and the film – are bright and bold statements of hope, possibility and hard work. This film hands us a powerful message about the power of our choices as consumers and is a heady reminder of the importance of community and connection. 

If you have even simply wondered about where your food comes, its provenance, your own sustenance, you must see Polyfaces. It’s filled with logic, sweet sweet logic. 

Feed the soil – feed the people – create community. See Polyfaces.”

Read more about Hilary here: http://www.hilarymcnevin.com/

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